Our History

About ten percent of the population of this amazing country has signed on the dotted line and given a portion of their lives to protect the freedom our nation offers. During their time in service, these brave men and women were trained to perform tasks most would never have the chance to experience.  They received training one may only read about in books or on the internet. It is also during this time that future Veterans are taken care of as it pertains to health insurance, financial support, family support, legal support, as well as many other services only offered on a for-fee basis in the civilian world.

Upon leaving their branch of service, most Veterans can think of one thing: getting home. The out-processing information provided by the Department of Defense and each service branch is extensive. There is a wealth of information that is downloaded into an already highly active mind. However, often it is not until the Veteran has transitioned back into civilian life, they start to realize they may need care as it pertains to the VA or local County Veteran Service Office (CVSO.) From medical to financial issues, life happens. The frustration of not being able to find help is real, even though it shouldn’t be.

Through the partnership of dedicated individuals, the idea to address this concern has emerged in the form of the N.E.W. Veterans Battalion, Bravo Company, Welcome Home Sponsorship Program. The purpose of the program is to provide a sponsor, or guide, for Veterans in Northeast Wisconsin, county by county, with Brown County (Bravo Company) being the pilot program. The program is managed by a volunteer organization flying the Bravo Company banner.  This organization will provide a sponsor to returning service members and will be a resource in helping guide the Veteran down the right path as it pertains to the many services provided in our area. There will be no cost to use the program. There is no obligation to utilize the program. The program was developed with the hope of eliminating the confusion and frustration encountered by our nation’s finest upon re-entering civilian life.


Initial Action Plan

Transitioning into civilian life can prove to be a stressful and confusing time. Most members of our Armed Forces enlist directly upon graduation from high school. In these cases, the Veteran has had all basic needs provided to them during their tour of duty. Once transitioned into civilian life things like health care, rent, utility bills, and basic needs now become the responsibility of the Veteran.

As we all know, life happens. Maybe that sore back received during a fall in Iraq is coming back to affect a Veteran’s day-to-day activities. The PTSD a Veteran felt was in the past is now causing turmoil in her or his life today. Maybe a Veteran’s vehicle breaks down just as he or she is starting school. Fortunately, there are resources available that may help a Veteran through these issues. The NEW Veterans Battalion’s goal is to guide the Veteran in the right direction.

To clarify, the volunteer will be a sponsor, not a mentor. The sponsor’s purpose will be to guide returning service members to the appropriate resources where assistance may be provided; to register with the VA, the local County Veteran Service Officer (CVSO), or other appropriate Veteran-related organizations. Consider the sponsor a “warm hand off” from the military to the returning service member into civilian life.

All sponsors will be individuals who are Veterans as well; people who understand not only the system, but also the language of fellow Veterans. Their goal is to help guide returning service men and women to the correct office, service or program.  Additionally, the sponsor will provide follow up in case someone is not receiving appropriate answers in a timely manner. The sponsor is there to offer hope. Sponsors will have the ability to contact the proper channels in a manner that will expedite issues and this line of communication will help alleviate frustration and despair.

The sponsorship program is an optional, free service provided to the men and women who so valiantly served in our Armed Forces. There is no obligation to utilize the sponsorship program. It is designed with the sole purpose of helping lead returning service men and women in the right direction should a situation arise where assistance may be needed.


(Revision 1 – 10/17/2018)